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ST. LOUIS . . . Lincoln has introduced its new, high-performance FlowMaster pump product line. Compact and versatile, the durable FlowMaster pump now is available for use with AC voltage, DC voltage or hydraulics.

Developed for use with an existing AC power source, the new 120/230 VAC Electric FlowMaster is ideal for heavy industry, such as mining, steel and paper, and general industry, such as food and beverage, automotive and packaging. The pump's unique rotary drive and modular gear set provides flexible output for various lubrication applications. The 120/230 VAC Electric FlowMaster pumps #2 grease from a 120-pound or 400-pound drum at 24.5 cubic inches per minute.

The new 24 VDC Electric FlowMaster Pump is versatile, efficient and economical, requiring no air or hydraulics. Its integrated speed control allows for precise adjustment of output for any application. Ideal for use with automated lubrication systems on mining/construction mobile equipment and hammers/breakers, the 24 VDC Electric FlowMaster Pump also can be used for manual lubrication applications via a hose reel and dispensing valve. The pump features thermal, overload, locked rotor and over/under-voltage protection to maximize product life.

The Hydraulic FlowMaster pump features a compact, modular design and a unique rotary drive and control manifold that lets users adjust the pump to fit their specific needs. Because it works off of a hydraulic system, the pump doesn't require air or electric power, just an electric switch to start. This makes it ideal for use on trucks, excavators, loaders, draglines, conveyors, crushing machines, drills and other equipment used in the construction and mining industries. Utilizing Lincoln's patented technology, the Hydraulic FlowMaster pumps easily at low temperatures and offers a variable flow rate of up to 45 cubic inches per minute.

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