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Lincoln Offers Wired Tank Monitor System

ST. LOUIS . . . Lincoln has introduced its new Wired Tank Monitor System for vehicle dealerships, municipalities and fleet garages. Designed to monitor fluid tank levels, the easy-to-install system features plug-and-play devices and offers several levels of information access.

The Wired Tank Monitor System is suitable for use with a variety of fluids including all grades of motor oil, gear lubes, hydraulic oils, all grades of ATF and Dexron, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze and coolants (50/50 mixes and pure), diesel fuel and DEF/AdBlue. The system allows up to 10 control boxes for monitoring a total of 100 tanks.

Featuring real-time tank management, the Wired Tank Monitor System utilizes both differential pressure and magnetostrictive sensors for its 15-second tank reading intervals. In addition, the system provides e-mail notification capabilities for warning alerts.

When using the standalone software, the system offers tank delivery, tank level and alert history reports. When used in conjunction with Lincoln’s LFC 5000, the system can provide 10-day variance reports and the capability of shutting down the pump when low levels are indicated.

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