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Damon C. Hollins


ST. LOUIS . . . Lincoln has introduced its Mityvac MV6815 and MV6817 Superpump Brake Bleeding Kits featuring the unique Mityvac Selectline Superpump. Developed to vacuum bleed air and old fluid from hydraulic systems, the kits reduce brake and clutch bleeding time by 50 percent. 

The powerful piston-style pump features a pivoting lever action that minimizes operator effort, and the reinforced, patented handle design provides strength and comfort. Creating a vacuum up to 25 inches Hg (85 kPa), the MV6815 and MV6817 kits transfer and evacuate fluids from small tanks and reservoirs at twice the volume of standard hand vacuum pumps. 

Constructed of lightweight, durable PVC construction, the kits include a large, 16-ounce 
(475 ml) fluid reservoir with hanging hook and Mityvac's new universal bleed screw adapter. The MV6817 model automatically maintains fluid level in the master cylinder while bleeding.

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