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ST. LOUIS . . . Lincoln has introduced its improved MC 2-HP Series Progressive Divider Valves for natural gas transmission and processing, oil and gas production, and petrochemical and refining applications. The valve delivers oil reliably and consistently at high back pressures and low lubricant flow rates. 

Featuring a precision-machined, piston-to-bore tolerance fit, the MC 2-HP Series valves minimize internal leakage around the piston. The increased piston valve land area provides better sealing and improved output performance to ensure reliable and accurate oil delivery to all critical compressor cylinder and packing points. If a lubrication point becomes blocked, MC 2-HP's enhanced stall characteristics quickly notify the operator of a lubrication fault, eliminating costly repairs. 

The black chromate plating of the MC 2-HP is ideal for offshore service and other corrosive environments because it is three times more effective than nickel plating. With its convenient "bolt-on" replacement design, MC 2-HP fits any existing Lincoln MC series divider valve plate. 

For more information on Lincoln's MC 2-HP Series Progressive Divider Valves, contact Customer Service at 1-314-679-4200, Ext. 4410, or visit our web site at 

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