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Lincoln offers an innovative, battery-powered grease gun that could change the way you work. Everyone that tries PowerLuber wants one or more for their shop or facility.
Grease Guns
Lincoln is the industry leader, offering the very best manual, air-operated and battery-operated grease guns available. Select from a wide range of accessories and options to ensure productivity everyday.

Lubrication Accessories
Accessories available to set up remote lubrication of difficult or hard to reach fittings. Installation Accessories, Grease Couplers, Extensions, Hoses, Grease Fittings and Wheel Bearing Packers.

Pumps & Accessories
Lincoln offers a wide range of medium and high pressure pumps used for pumping lubricants and other fluids. Choose from air-operated Series 20, 25 or 40 reciprocating pumps, diaphragm and transfer pumps, bulk oil systems and all the installation accessories to do the job right.
Used Fluid Equipment
When you're draining oil or other fluids from vehicles and other machinery, you want to make sure you do the work efficiently and safely. Lincoln offers a full selection of drains, pressurized evacuation units, filter crushers and more.
Hose Reels
We offer our Golden Standard hose reels, our Heavy-Duty Series and High Flow units for service and fleet applications. Plus, we have all the reel cabinets, lubrication stations and related accessories you need.
Control Valves & Meters
Once you've chosen the pump and reel for your application, you'll want to select the perfect control valve or dispensing meter to complete your system. Everything you need, from manual controls to digital preset metering systems, to keep your work flowing smoothly.
Air Line Products
Lincoln Regulators, Filters & Lubricators. Lincoln provides individual components and combined component systems to give you the highest quality for your compressed air tool operations.
Grease Fittings and Accessories
The original "Bullneck" fitting plus many more configurations to meet the most demanding applications. Accessories available to set up remote lubrication of difficult or hard to reach fittings.

Guardian Brand
Made specifically for the serious home mechanic and other occasional users, Guardian branded products offer many of the best features of Lincoln manual pumps, grease guns, and other lubrication products in a value-priced selection.

The Mityvac line of automotive products was recently acquired by Lincoln Industrial Corp. in St. Louis, Missouri. You will find contact information for Lincoln customer service and technical personnel on this site.


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